Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Good vibrations! Detoxing in style at pH Vibe (Video)

I took a trip to pH Vibe in Southampton to try out some of the most popular detoxification methods.

First, I did something called Vibrational Therapy. It basically shakes your body for 9 minutes which felt bizarre. I imagine it feels something like standing on a washing machine during the spin cycle.The idea behind it is that it gets your lymphatic system moving. Toxins tend to clog up our lymph nodes, slowing them down and weakening our immune system. The same effect can be achieved by doing 30 jumping jacks but this was much more fun.

Afterwards I felt really light and high and couldn't stop giggling. 

Next, I did something called an Ionic Foot Bath. This is supposed to electromagnetically pull toxins and heavy metals out of your system. I didn't feel much while this was happening but the water in the foot bath got really sludgy and gross. If the stuff that was in the water was really pulled out of my body, then better out than in! Yuck.

Caution: Anyone who has high levels of mercury in their system should proceed with caution. Though it is good to get the heavy metals out of your system,  the Ionic Foot Bath method can leave you feeling drained.

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