Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Detox Month Wrap-Up

This month has been all about how we can help our bodies to detoxify with foods. Whether just making smart choices about detoxifying foods (like in my Top 10) or trying a full-on Dr. Oz 3-Day Cleanse, it has been quite a month! 

The most important factor in detoxification is diet. Eating whole foods with detoxifying qualities is essential to helping your body do its natural job. But, there are also many other popular ways to try and detox. As January comes to a close, let's look at some of them - and if you want to give them a shot, I include my recommendations for the Southampton area.

1. Infrared Sauna These saunas are linked to numerous health benefits including pain reduction and exercise, as well as detoxification. Fans, like Dr. Oz, say the infrared rays help remove toxins and could even extend your life! Saunas also increase blood circulation and get your heart rate rate up.

Psst... check back later this week for a fun look at my trip to pH Vibe!

2. Exercise- Again, sweat, sweat and then sweat some more. Exercise also keeps your blood oxygenated and keeps your lymphatic system moving. Try to get moderate exercise for 30 minutes a day 3-4 times a week. If you can't get to the gym, a good walk will do it.

3. Massage- A massage not only feels good, it releases many of the toxins that are trapped in your tissues. Massage also promotes lymphatic drainage.

Plus, it's great just to get some "me time"!
4. Detox Bath- Similar to the Dr Oz Detox Bath, my tried and true detox bath uses 2 cups of Epsom Salts. I then add 1 cup of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and 1 cup of baking soda to the water. Each of these components work to draw toxins out through your skin. Soak for a least 20 soothing minutes.

A beautiful bathroom like this never hurts, either
5. Colonic Irrigation- It sounds scary, but it's not! The first time I had one I worked my self into a total panic. It turns out it was over nothing. The colonic was easy and the therapist really put me at ease. I have them regularly now. Colonic irrigation removes the toxins and metabolic waste products that linger in your colon. Get your "pipes" cleaned every once in a while to keep those toxins from being reabsorbed into your system. Better out than in, right?

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