Monday, February 20, 2012

Children's food

I have always been interested in nutrition but I really didn't get totally involved in it until about 6 years ago. Kids nutrition in particular. It all happened when I had my first son. I looked at this perfect little being and I just didn't want to mess him up. When he was ready for solid foods I went to the grocery store to look at the baby food and was not happy with what I saw. I checked out the organics and wasn't too happy with those choices either. I bought a few and tried them but they tasted awful! I mean, why would you want to feed your little baby something that you wouldn't want to eat yourself? I started doing some research on kids nutritional needs and decided to make my own baby food.
From that point on I dove in deep. I looked up every food and found out what the nutritional value of that food was. I researched food combinations and found out which foods enhanced each other and which foods detracted from each other. I was a woman on a mission.
I looked at the standard children's menu and was deeply distressed with what I saw. How could we go out to eat when the only options on the kid's menu were completely void of any nutritional value? I realized at that point that we as a nation have a very big problem. The kid's menu is basically a road map of what to feed your kids. When you have a  young child you look to what is 'normal' and run with it. You go to the children's food aisle and buy what is there. You accept what you are being fed.
I remember listening to a commercial for a local restaurant. The song went like this "If your kid is like everyone else's and will eat nothing but chicken fingers and french fries then come to our place. We have the best ones in town."Did no one else see that this was a problem?
After I had my second son I became very sick with Lyme disease. Now I was in even deeper. I was feeding 2 children and now had the task of trying to get myself back to good health. For anyone who has had lyme disease you know that this is no small task.
Now my mission reached a fever pitch. The more I read about kids nutrition the more I saw the correlation between what kids eat and how that affects their future health. If I wanted my kids to have a strong immune system and have them be able to fight off the nasty bug that floored me, and whatever future bugs they might encounter, I knew that they had to have a strong immune system. That meant eating a good diet including lots of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, good whole grains and organic meats and not allowing the junk that is passing as kids food.
Now, nearly 3 years later, I am finally able to see what I hope is the end of my lyme tunnel. I have gone back to school for nutrition so I can cement my status as a healthy food advocate. I hope you will join me.

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  1. Thanks Tapp for starting this blog. It's perfect timing for us as the twins are on homemade solids and I'd like to continue maintaining healthy diets for them. I look forward to your insights and ideas. :)


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